We are the premier source for extraordinary high end, new residential construction from concept through completion. It is understandable that homeowners or business owners could act as their own general contractor and save on the expenses by being an owner builder. However, the role of a general contractor is a difficult one and is often required to oversee large home improvement, remodeling, and new construction jobs.

That is why most public and commercial entities hire a General or Prime Contractor to coordinate and run the job of managing all the subcontractors/specialty contractors and to interact with the Architects, inspectors, and Owner’s representatives. The general contractor should be on-site regularly, inspecting the work as it’s completed, providing answers and resolving issues. If not, a sub-contractor may have to wait – or guess at a solution – which often results in delays or mistakes that can affect the work of all the sub-contractors who follow. Furthermore, as a general contractor, we can help mitigate risk to the owner by ensuring that sub-contractors have the correct coverage and insurances, and follow industry standards.

Trust Cybertech to build your dream home or to help youachieve maximum returns on your investment/flip project. Whether your needs are a complete tear-down and rebuild of an existing structure, start on an empty lot, or a complete renovation and addition to an existing home, we are your partner. We have built multi-million-dollar homes and can work with your Architects and interior designers or introduce you to ones we have worked with in the past. We suggest that your architect and designer be involved with the project from the very beginning, and assist you with selecting your finishes, tile, countertops, cabinet design, colors, textures, and furniture. This ensures your new or renovated home looks and feels as good as it was designed and built.

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