Construction Management

Project Management – Cybertech Construction is a full-service general contractor providing construction management for the overall planning, coordination, and management of projects from the pre-construction, budgeting phase through to closeout. In addition to managing the entire project’s cost and schedule, Cybertech handles the day-to-day oversight and management of all subcontractors while also facilitating daily communication between all team members and the client as a partner.

There are numerous ways to set-up and contract construction projects: cost plus, management only, contract per plan, design + build, etc. Cybertech Construction company is here to customize our services to your specific needs. But regardless of how a project is set-up, some form of construction management is the service constant on all construction projects. It includes project set-up, providing a detailed construction timeline, ordering materials, scheduling various subcontractors and crews to perform the work, working with the city and county inspectors, providing you with daily and weekly updates regarding the project’s progress, ensuring your home or building is safe and secure, and of course, quality controlling the work to perfection.

Within our office, our culture is to promote a team environment throughout each project’s duration, utilizing proactive management techniques to keep all work within the allotted budget and schedule. These open lines of communication prevent delays, mistakes and cost overruns and ensure a quality project delivered on time and within budget, while maintaining a client’s high standards.

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